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Women Empowerment Speed Mentoring Event at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My old stomping ground. I was honored to be invited by my old mentor Ms. Mitchell to Work alongside 29 other purposeful women to mentor young woman, last March. All that talent in one space, I myself, Β found inspiration.

One reminder I received that evening was not to let everyone know my plans. Something my mother use to tell me. This and some more great advice that would help with my career, was told to me by a fellow first-generation, New York native,

Danielle Jones.

Passionate, Driven, Hardworking and Accomplished.

She had so many great ideas to share, and even wanted to include me, a stranger in on some. One would assume that she would keep all of that insightful information to herself like many other successful women do. No, her spirit was light and welcoming. We talked long after the event was over. Danielle sat with me and didn’t seem to mind the a million and one questions I had for her.

Just a few moments prior I sat at the table being questioned by inquisitive young ladies, alongside Merideth Stroble another fascinating woman I met that evening. As we shared with the mentees surrounding us we learned each other’s stories and were intrigued.

I appreciate them both for empowering me.

My journey continues.




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