Keep Going.

I was feeling so discouraged last night due to the low turnout at our community board meeting. I’ve come to realize that even with great ideas people may not be as passionate about change as I am. I myself am guilty of not following through in other areas of my life and I am making a conscious effort to do better. If the topic isn’t hot anymore, there are too many obstacles, or we’ve just grown bored, we tend to focus elsewhere and in the end, we never finish what we set out to do. I was glad to see the few people who did show up for support as promised, but after walking out of that building I pledged to myself that even if no one is standing with me, I’m going to keep going, even with the challenges ahead, I’m going to keep going, even when I find interest elsewhere I am going to keep going, however long it takes,

I’m going to keep going.

When I went to bed, I prayed that God would help me to get the job done.

Tonight, I checked my e-mail to find that we were awarded a grant that I had applied for a few months back and disregarded. I feel like that was God reminding me

keep going!Screenshot_20170421-214734

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