7 Habits of a Successful Woman


  • She’s Devoted: She knows nothing worth having comes easy, so she dedicates herself to whatever she starts. She is aware that she will face challenges that may discourage her from continuing, but she always remembers why she started. She’s devoted to doing what she loves.
  • She’s Consistent: She starts at the end goal. Purposefully planning each step towards it, making each attainable so not to overwhelm herself. She goes at her own pace, celebrating the small but important accomplishments as a reminder of why she started. When she begins to slack she finds new ways to keep going whether setting up reminders or asking friends to setup check-ins for support.
  • She’s Resourceful: She is organized, anticipating challenges that may arise. If any do, she does not panic, instead she weighs her options and is creative in finding a suitable solution. She surrounds herself with those who are motivated. She isn’t hesitant about asking for help, tapping into her available resources. She makes do with what she has. She adapts and she conquers.
  • She’s Reflective: Using her strengths to progress, she isn’t afraid to test new waters. If she fails, she is not too hard on herself; instead, she analyzes her mistakes and learns from them. No sweat; she applies her new-found knowledge onto future situations.
  • She’s Balanced: She uses her time wisely, managing each hour of her day. Prioritizing her tasks, she follows her schedule as closely as possible, making sure to put aside time for herself. She knows there is no time to procrastinate. She knows when to say no to avoid burning herself out.
  • She’s a Faithful Warrior: “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit.”1 Thessalonians 5:17-19. She prays daily, accepting the outcomes of any situation, knowing what God has in store for her is what’s best for her. She is open to pursuing new opportunities.
  • She’s Confident: When she looks in the mirror she smiles at her only competition. She is a team player who empowers others. Confident in herself, she understands that helping others won’t take away from her success. She is original. Embracing her flaws, she is un-apologetically herself.

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