3 Reasons On Why You Need To Be An Empowered Voter : A message to my fellow Bronxites


  1. Your social and economic conditions and opportunities depend on it.

Bronxites- Did you know that our borough has the highest poverty rate? We’re one of the lowest in all 62 counties of New York State. We are also the least healthy, have the lowest median household income and lowest success rate for education in New York City. We also have the lowest voting turnout. We’ve been at the bottom of the barrel for quite some time. Wouldn’t you like to see our borough do better? Voting to put the right representatives in office will yield better results than not voting at all.

  1. Your Silence is still a vote of approval

Bronxites: Did you know that about 92% of registered voters in the Bronx did not vote in the last local election? Local elections have more of an impact on your quality of life than Presidential elections do. You can imagine how easy it is for politicians to strategically plan what population groups to target during their campaign because such a small percentage of the 1.4 million Bronxites participate in local elections.  a person winning a position with as few as 1000 votes in a borough of such a high population is disturbing. Vote, don’t make it easy for anyone to come in and ruin things in your borough.

  1. Your vote impacts public policy

Bronxites- Did you know that the primary election is on September 12, 2017. Remember officials are elected to represent you, your needs; to improve the quality of life for your community. When we elect an official we expect them to get the job done, that includes creating policies that drive change in our communities. Do you believe that those currently in office are representing you well? If they’re not, you have the power to make a change during the next election.

Tips on Being an Empowered Voter

  • Don’t be an emotional voter: Pay attention to those politicians who show face at your community events only around election time. Avoid voting based on popularity and personality. Politicians are not celebrities. Remember, we desire results.
  • Attend your local community board meetings: Get to know the leaders of your community. Notice the people who are working hard towards measurable results. Those who aren’t necessarily in the spot light.
  • Hold politicians accountable: Politicians work for the people, so it’s our responsibility to manage them. Demand that they do their job. We have the power to influence politicians. If they don’t get the job done, feel free to protest, it’s our first amendment right to do so.
  • Be consistent: Just because we voted does not mean that the fight for change is over. Follow through with the demands for change and be consistent about it. Understand that change takes time
  • Be empowered: Do not become discouraged when you feel that change isn’t happening fast enough for you. Make sure you demand transparency from politicians. Seek out and monitor their action plans.

If there is anything you can do to contribute to making change for your community, do it! We need to stop allowing people to pull the wool over our head. It’s expected that we give up on the voting system, so that those who shouldn’t be in office don’t have to work so hard in getting there. Sometimes it’s about the money. Some of our elected officials make well over 100k a year in our borough yet the average household median is 34,000 dollars with a 30 percent poverty rate. Let’s get our monies worth and put these people to work.

Never forget our ancestors gave up their lives for us to have this opportunity, let their legacy live on by taking the time to vote.

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