Why it’s essential to teach muticultural education

I Used To Be a Neo-Nazi. Charlottesville Terrifies Me. By: Timothy Zaal

I am so excited about teaching global this year. For the past 3 years I’ve taught U.S. and have been limited to the curriulum because it’s a regents class.

I am sitting here on my couch attempting to write a grocery list, when this article caught my eye. “I used to be a Neo-Nazi” I questioned. I assumed there was no changing those people. As I read his story there was one thing that was really disturbing to me, they could be my colleague or neighbor.

A point that the former neo-nazi made during the interview for Flipboard’s article is that his generation avoided mainstream media and only interacted with hate-filled propoganda, purchased through snail-mail that brainwashed their minds. Unfortunately, social media today makes hate-filled speach so readily accessible, which is why it’s so important for us to counteract this with teaching the histories of all cultures so that our students who are the future leaders of our world, will defend those targeted and not accept racisim because it isn’t their own.

It’s sad to hear that these racist people are infiltrating areas of influence. Well if that’s the case let’s create leaders who will make a diference. After all, there are more of us then there are them. Multicultural education is necessary, if we’re going to survive. I’m so glad that this year’s curriculum will allow some flexibilty in teaching about today’s reality because it is a global issue.

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