They’re watching. They are always watching

I recently posted a picture of the books I read this summer. I woke up to a direct message on instagram from one of my former students who expressed their interest in the Malcom X autobiography. I refused to part with my own copy of course so, I asked the young man for his address and had a copy sent to his home through my Amazon prime account. One afternoon he came to school to visit his mentor and stopped by my classroom to say thank you. A few days after seeing him, he proudly explained in another message that he would be taking an African American history course and would be looking forward to having discussions with me about them.

This experience reminded me that our youth pay attention to what we do. Modeling and sharing the positive behaviors for our students encourages them to do the same. I only posted the picture because I had reached a personal but I’m glad to see that it sparked the interest of one of my former students.

I can’t remember who I saw do this, but this school year I will share a monthly read by posting on my classroom door. I think it’s a good way to further support our school-wide literacy initiative and give me another reason to commit to reading besides my own self interest.

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