I took advantage of having an hour extra when we put our clocks back on Sunday. I haven’t been myself lately. Who would have thought this superwoman would finally reach a point of exhaustion. I should have seen this coming from a distance but of course being a woman who hates to ask for help and who is always trying to save the world I played it off to save face. I mean I’m not broken or anything but I am over everything and everyone and its only November. My tolerance for people’s bullshit is nonexistent. It feels more like May. Of course, this is all my fault. No one forced me to start a non-profit in the middle of grad school while working a full-time job, along with completing an intense internship. I’ve had better days. I plan on using my extra hour for mediation. Now, instead of getting up at 6am, I wake up at 5:30 for 30 minutes of meditation and prayer. I’ve been going through life like a machine over the last few months, with barely any downtime to reflect or talk to god and it’s literally making me sick. When I meditate and I’m focused my whole world is different. The way I perceive things, the way I combat challenges and life in general. I am calm, I’m patient I’m happy. Have you ever been in a space where bullshit just rolls off of your shoulder? You wake up in a place of a natural high, and there isn’t anyone can move you. I’ve been there and I am going back. It took time and a daily commitment to get there. Every day I will wake up with that exact intention, peace- happiness-love-balance. Hopefully, I can get back to that space of true peace soon, because with the way my life is going there is no way I am slowing down.

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