Teaching Kindness

I love going on my spiritual retreats each year up in the Catskills. It’s the opportunity to just relax and free my mind. Often times I try to create the opportunity for relaxation in my home or at the office but there is always something pulling me to do work, so being around nothing but beautiful scenery and enjoying relaxing activities are something I look forward to.2018-08-13-08-38-03.jpg

A few years ago, I attended a retreat for educators and it made me conscious of teaching kindness in my classroom. As teachers, we are always so focused on teaching content and getting our students to pass exams that we forget to teach love to our students. For the next year following this retreat I did a pretty good job of using some of the activities provided in the text to support this mission but then, of course, I fell off. It wasn’t until I was walking in the street last month a witnessed a mother call her young African American child a bitch that I remembered that I need to continue to do the work of teaching and modeling kindness and love because my people don’t always receive this in the home.

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