Resting Bitch Face

My boyfriend asks me at least 3 times a day “what’s wrong?”

It’s my RBF “Resting Bitch Face”. I get a bit annoyed because he already knows this. When i’m in deep thought, which is more often than not, I squish my eyebrows together and the corners of my mouth turns downward.

After the first time he asks, I begin to get agitated.

One day while in the presence of company a friend asks me what’s wrong?, my response is don’t you know me already? My boyfriend chimes in using air quotes “I ask her that all the, it’s her RBF”. I  respond calmly “and it annoys me all the time when you ask, knowing this”. Our friend then asks me “Would you rather him ask what’s wrong and know your good, or not ask at all and on the day there really is a problem and you get upset because he hasn’t asked?” Here comes my guy…. “EXACTLY!”

I roll my eyes. I hate it when he’s right.

Now when I walk down the street I make a conscious effort to relax my brow muscles and turn the corners of my mouth in an upward position.

Yup… Smile.










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