Literacy in History

He asked me if I was teaching ELA this year. I had been working on my bulletin board for the start of my year. It included the book covers of historical text. Although it was an odd question from a teacher, I was happy to get my message across. There is literacy in history! So many people in our community believe reading should remain solely in the English Langauge Arts classrooms. I beg to differ, which is why I am building a new library to support scholars. I taught Global History seven years ago at another school and I don’t have the resources that I would like to use. My students enjoy reading and I would like to provide them with rich texts that would allow them to travel around the world. If you care to donate to the learning of our youth here in the South Bronx, here is a link to our book list that includes stories from cultures throughout the world. I will be teaching approximately 150 students this year.

Thanks in advance.

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