I am Art

I have yet to master the Art of Self-care. Yes, I identify it as Art because each of us are so different in many ways and our challenge is to be creative in defining  and mastering those skills of self-care to best fit our own needs.

We create our lives through trial and error. I myself reflect heavily on my life every opportunity and I am always looking for ways to improve. I must say, there are times I don’t recognize that there is an issue until it’s brought to my attention. Making it another item to introduce to my needs improvement list. I am always working to create  a better me. Not saying I need to be perfect in every aspect of my life, but in order for me to be truly happy and effective as an educator, I need to make sure that I am healthy. Over the years my checklist of things to improve has woven into my journey of life. I am no longer hard on myself for things that I cannot control, or racing to the finish line, but finding a balance with all that I am a part of, especially with being intentional about taking care of myself. I have become patient with the path I am on, accepting and adjusting to wherever it may take me. Life is art and I am creating a masterpiece.

I  A M  A R T 

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