Happy Mother’s Day Mommy…My thoughts

I’ve always wondered how my mom’s life changed so drastically. We were raised in the church. My mom prayed with us at least twice a day and attend ed church a few times a week. When I would bring my problems to her she would respond with a scripture. I recall her finally having a Facebook account and commenting with prayers on my friends posts whenever they shared a problem or triumph. I was embarrassed to say the least. I would think of asking her to stop but never had the courage to do so.

When she told me of some of her experiences while growing up, I wouldn’t believe the things she shared with me because she was a “church lady.” The only foul language she used was found in the bible. My mom lived! She wasn’t always so innocent. I use to think it was because she had children that she turned her life over to God.

I didn’t understand it before but I understand it now. When you truly believe that God exists your behaviors will change.

She wasn’t a millionaire but she was the best role model that I could ever ask for.

Christ lived through her and now he lives through me.

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