• Teaching Urban Social Sponsored By Common Curriculum

    TUC Lesson Plan Potluck Social provides an opportunity for educators to connect and share their best teaching strategies and lesson plans. We strongly encourage participation in the potluck. Participants will gain access to a drive that includes all materials shared at our social This event is for you if you work at a school in an urban area (we welcome teachers, mentors, counselors, social workers and teacher aides) are looking for great lesson plan ideas or would like to share your own want to build a network of support Each attendee will receive a trial subscription to a online lesson planner making your lesson planning more convenient , thanks to our…

  • Teaching Urban Self-Care Challenge

    Subscribe now to receive your Teaching Urban Cafe Three Week Self-Care Challenge. The first 100 people to subscribe will be eligible to receive a free action plan to support their self-care goals. Please note: To receive a free Teaching Urban Cafe Action Plan a teacher survey must be submitted by July 31st. Challenge begins Monday, August 5th, 2019

  • Feedback With a Purpose

    I spent about two hours writing feedback to my students on their paragraph writing. The next day in class I provided time for them to review the feedback, rewrite their paragraphs and resubmit their work for grading. When I went home that night to look over their work I saw minimal improvements. My students don’t realize how much of my personal time goes to supporting them. I refuse to have my time wasted so I created this Student Reflection For Paragraph Writing Form I’ll update you on it’s effectiveness by the end of this week.